Welcome to Stuart Milne Golf - PGA Professional

Stuart Milne, PGA Professional, based at Ballumbie Castle Golf in Dundee.

Stuart moved to Fife to start his Professional career at Balbirnie Park Golf Club in 2011 under PGA Professional Craig Donnelly and has been working under the Craig Donnelly Golf banner, arguably the biggest golf retailer in Fife and now with a store in Dundee, ever since.

Having started around the time that Craig Donnelly Golf was growing, Stuart has been one of the key influences in the growth at the Cluny activites golf store which has based it's busy business around the practical side of the industry.

Stuart's interest in custom fitting and new technology has been notified as the team at Craig Donnelly Golf have won many awards, with the most noticeable med Ping Custom Fitters 2016 for Great Britain and Ireland. With many successes within the teaching side of the game aswell, Stuart is fastly becoming recognised as one of the top young coaches in the Fife region, boasting an expansive client list from all around Fife and surrounding areas. 

"A young, enthuasiastic and very knowledgeable guy who takes time to listen
while also providing instruction in a manner that is simple to understand and implement."